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Value for Buyers


Explore a wide range of products in different categories and compare offers from new and established providers.


No more industry standard of hidden prices. Compare the best options with absolute price transparency.


Remove the word complex from digital solutions. Productize them by configuring the best match for your requirements.


Choose your product and deploy it swiftly from UCXmarket. Have extra specifications? We’re here to help.

Value for Sellers


Easily create your company profile and productize highly configurable and complex solutions, Managed Services included.


Expand your reach to potential customers and partner within the market to bundle products and develop business opportunities.


Promote your products by creating your own online shop which you can customize to match the look and feel of your brand.


Use the simple and intuitive UI of our market to offer your customers a satisfying user experience.

Why sell with UCXmarket?

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide are expected to increase by 60%, from $3 trillion in 2018 to $4.8 trillion by 2021. Millennials make up 41% of the purchasing decisions and they will go out of their way to not speak to a salesman, while 85% of shoppers rely on reviews and research when deciding what to buy.

Selling online means responding to the present, not the future.

Here are 5 reasons why you should sell with UCXmarket:


Maximize reach and visibility

through showcasing products in your new channel.


Shorten your sales cycle

by allowing your customers to specify what they want.


Save money

by listing your offerings for free.


Upgrade customer support

with FAQs, live chat, and product reviews.


Bundle products

Partner with other sellers. Promote your brand..

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Smart Search
& Comparison

Signing up with UXCmarket is completely free! After being logged in, you’ll have full access to all of our providers, features, services, products, and pricing.

Refined categorization and intelligent algorithms allow you to easily search, filter and compare a variety of solutions by type, location, OS, etc.

Payment Processing

Get things done faster. Deploy your solutions and execute payments directly.

Add items to Cart

Choose Payment Method

Secure Checkout

Request a free demo and experience it for yourself.

Ways to

Take your business online by selecting one of our options, and reap the benefits right away.

List your Profile

Present your brand identity, including an overview of your business, logo, resources, and your company’s highlights. More importantly, you have the possibility of being introduced to potential partners, create solutions and carry out business, completely free of charge.


List your Products

List your profile, data centers, and your products and services with their characteristics and pricing, allowing for visibility and wider reach. Import information from your bill of materials spreadsheet, create bundles and apply discounts or promotions to selected products.


Create your Online Store

Use your product listing link in your marketing campaigns by integrating the link to your website, landing pages, social media etc. This enables you to generate sales by redirecting all of your potential customers to your products and services within UCXmarket.







Link Accounts

Import Deployed Infrastructure

Provision New Resources

UCX Manage Cloud

Manage Your Clouds


Effortlessly complete your storage provisioning and server deployment.

Storage Provisioning

Reduce the tedious steps of storage provisioning and optimize the performance of your business by provisioning Wasabi hot storage and executing direct payments seamlessly. Easily access and maintain the files within your storage, as well as add new storage according to your requirements. If you have S3 compatible storage, you are compatible with our storage provisioning feature.

Server Deployment

Turn the general server deployment process into a straightforward experience. Deploy, import, and maintain servers while avoiding unnecessary time consumption. UCX Cloud provides an overview of your listed servers, where you can quickly navigate and filter through them by CSP, Data Center, and Status.

White Label

UCXmarket is our Sales Automation Platform in action. Our platform enables you to create a storefront for your products, that is highly customized to your business needs and represents who you are. Have your own personalized platform to list your products online and reach a larger number of customers. Start your own project and empower your business today!


What our customers say about us is what we can say about ourselves.