About Us


UCX is the home of digital solutions. It was established to help organizations drives business with technology, develop new ideas, and reinvent their online presence. 

As the ideal example of that, we have created UCXmarket – The market for IT solutions. We intend for UCXmarket to be a platform where buyers and sellers of IT solutions interact. There, they’re able to buy and sell products, create bundles, partner with other providers within the market, and grow their business in various aspects.

Our Values


Being truthful and having a sound moral compass sets the foundation for our company and all that we do.

Driving Innovation

Nothing exceptional can be achieved if we don't push the boundaries and embrace change.

The pursuit of growth and knowledge

Every day is a battle with the previous self, and every day we win if we learn something valuable.


No matter if smart or talented, our team members have to combine the passion and effort for their work in order for us to succeed as a whole.

Dedication to Excellence

Life is a mountain of trials and errors. what matters most is the will to get up and face the challenges until we reach the peak.


Genuinely embracing humor and showing our human side is what makes us thrive and enjoy each step of our journey.

Our Mission
and Vision

Our mission is to empower businesses by giving them the platform and services needed to bring out the best in them. We are continuously welcoming new partners, upgrading UCXmarket with new features and tailoring it to provide the best user experience. 

UCXmarket aims to be the go-to place for businesses to gather when they are in need of deploying or offering digital solutions. 

The fastest - growing tech community

Thousands of partners, including CSPs, MSPs, and VARs are already listed with us, making UCXmarket the fastest-growing tech community!  This means more product diversity, bundling opportunities, and an even simpler process for buyers and sellers alike.  If you are an IT provider and this speaks to you, get listed for free and be a part of the fastest-growing tech community!